Patrick Loughnane

Founder Degen

I started my career with startups taking Zendesk through an IPO in 2013. Joined Unity Technologies. I have been here pre-mint, and can’t wait to take this project to the moon!



Software engineer by day, Web3 developer and NFT enjoyer by night. In search of the perfect coffee beans and best latte known to man. If you find them, let me know.

Rohan (Kawaii Labs)

Core Degen

Helping out SODA through dev, art, and communications. SODA was my first NFT and don't want to see it fall. I was previously known as NFInvestor via discord.


Core Degen

Bay Area born-n-bred creative strategist w consulting chops from PwC working w FinTech startups/big FIs, then freelance UX strategy for several early stage startups. Impassioned energizer dedicated to connection through creativity so NFTs are a vocation for me.



Artist for SODA and Owner of Goburin!

Society of Degenerate Apes hereby transfers to purchasers full title and all rights and interests without restriction, (1) random non-fungible tokenized piece of generative art upon purchaser’s acceptance and execution of the smart contract.